Endangerment For Snow Leopards

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Snow Leopards are natives to the rugged mountains of Central Asia. Snow leopards are very shy towards humans. In fact, there has never been any type of verification on snow leopards attacking a human being even when being disturbed during a meal chances are they will run away scared instead of attacking. There are between 3,920 and 6,390 snow leopards left in the wild. Even though numbers are shown to be improving over the years there is still high chances of endangerment for Snow Leopards. Some of the reasons for the snow leopards approaching endangerment is poaching. Trades with snow leopard parts tend to happen low key. Between the years 2008 and 2016 snow leopards were often killed and traded every day - Roughly 220 to 450 cats per year. Poaching also takes away from the snow leopards resources. With its main prey species sheep and goats also being threatened by illegal hunting all through the snow leopard range which means if their populations decline, so do the snow leopards. Warming temperatures could also spell trouble for snow leopards as it causes tree lines to move up the mountains causing a lot of farmers to plant their crops and livestock at higher altitudes that they are not used to, forcing the snow leopards into extremely smaller ranges where they are often coming into conflict with humans. Increasing temperatures could drastically change the flow of water down from the mountains and threatening livelihoods of people across the continent. Farmers often

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