Ender Hero

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Ender’s game by Orson Scott Card is a science fiction novel that takes place in the future and involves a kid named Ender, the protagonist of the story. He is sent to battle school to defeat the buggers (the enemies) with many other kids who are put through lots of challenges. The government has picked Ender who is 6 years old and is a third child, his older siblings were not selected by the government because his sister, Valentine, is too kind and compassionate while his older brother,Peter, is ruthless and hot-tempered. Ender is both a monster and a hero because he’s half Peter and half Valentine. Ender’s passion for killing someone when he’s angered and his ruthlessness are inherited from Peter. Angered by Stilson’s continuous bullying and torturing that Ender’s not able to control himself, “So Ender walked to Stilson’s supine body and kicked him again, viciously, in the ribs” (7). Provoked, Ender can not control his anger towards Stilson, and treats him just like Peter treats him. While hitting Stilson he doesn’t think about stopping, Peter is just as cruel to Ender when hitting him that he forgets to stop and almost kills him. Physically hurting others, Ender becomes like Peter and…show more content…
He becomes so reckless he doesn’t even realize he’s hurting someone until after they are on the floor, “It took Ender by surprise he hadn’t thought to put Stilson on the ground with one kick” (7). What Ender doesn’t realize is that he doesn’t even comprehend what's going around him until he see’s the damage. Just like Peter, Ender never leaves anyone without any pain when they are angered. Filled with hatred towards Ender, Peter never leaves a chance to physically hurt Ender, he hurts him so much that Ender repeats the same anger and ruthlessness towards others.Funny thing is that even Ender knows that he has Peter in him and that in reality, he’s not really the innocent kid his sister and family thinks he
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