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On average, babies cry a total of two to three hours a day, according to mayoclinic.org.
Ender Wiggin exceeds that amount greatly. Throughout the book Ender cries many times, but in the end, he will man up and overcome his fears, but still end up crying. Ender Wiggin was the best out of his two other siblings, both of them failed to pass into the International Fleet, but for Ender he passed. Training hard in battle school, resulted in defeating the Buggers. Ultimately, he still ended up crying. Obviously the book is extremely better than the movie because of one main reason, the movie left out key components that juiced up the story, that allowed the viewer/reader to get hooked into the story. That is why the book is better than the movie.

The book version of Ender's game shows many key components, such as major themes, relationships between characters,
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There are two significant differences involved between the book and the movie that weakened the film. One being how in the video it did not show how Ender struggled with battle school, and how he got through it through hard work and many challenges throughout it all. In the movie, it jumped past many struggles Ender had undergone while working his way up the standings. It seemed he was more gifted in the movie than in the book where it took doubling up practice to get better. The second major difference shown in the movie was not showing what was going on back at Earth with Valentine and Peter. It never showed or referred to Ender's siblings at all after the beginning of the movie. It did not even say anything about Peter, and how he has taken over the Earth. as well the letter that Peter has sent Ender. This weakens the movie because that is the main reason why Ender cannot return home, because that is where Peter

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