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Born To Lead In the novel Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, the main character Ender is put up against one of the toughest challenges on his life. He becomes aware of his challenge when he becomes a little older, yet before that, little did he know that he will have to save the world. Ender in Enders Game is portrayed as a natural leader and fighter who is a killer at heart and can use his understanding of the enemy and natural skill to kill to destroy them. However, once he understands his enemy, he also feels compassion for his enemy. And because of this compassion, he hates himself for destroying his enemy. At the beginning of the story, Ender lives with one mean older sibling named Peter who always bullies him. He also lives with a…show more content…
This is shown when Ender was playing a game on his computer. While he was playing the game, he kept dieing over and over again because he had no choice in the game. Nevertheless, after he got frustrated, he bore into the Giant's eye in the game until it died. This shows that no matter how hard he tries he will always have the want to kill. This is shown when it said, "I am a murderer even when I play, Peter would be proud of me." Not only was Ender a killer at heart, but also a natural leader in battle school. Ender started off as a launchy in battle school and got no respect. But soon, he was being promoted at an extreme rate. By the time his launchy friends became parts of armies, he was already a commander of an army. Ender was surrounded by kids twice his size since he was promoted so early. At first, it was very hard for him because he was so small. Soon though, he was at the top of the ranks with respect from all of the kids in the school, no matter how big or small. Ender learned quickly and perfectly, he could get almost anyone to follow him. Enders' great leadership can be seen in this quote, "The soldiers knew by now that Ender could be brutal in the way he talked to groups, but when he worked with an individual he was always patient, explaining as often as necessary, making suggestions quietly, listening to questions and problems and explanations." A final defining incident was between Ender and the Buggers. Ender was always

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