Ender's Game Movie Vs Book Analysis

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Ender’s game was so laughably bad as a movie, that i’m upset that you made us watch it. It all starts with Ender, a third. Who is put through numerous difficult trials of isolation, and violence. Eventually being put on the ultimate task of destroying an entire species. While watching Ender’s Game I couldn’t help but laugh at how bad, and different it was compared to the book. The movie of Ender’s Game took out crucial parts of the book that overall diminished the enjoyment of the movie. In the book, Ender goes into detail while beating Stilson up thinking, “To keep them from taking him in a pack tomorrow. I have to win this now, and for all time.” (Card 7). This scene in the book shows how he is only doing this so he never has to fight them…show more content…
This movie honestly has a whole bundle to choose from, and it’s very disappointing. A blatant difference was how Locke and Demosthenes were never in the movie. Even though they were Peter and Valentine and integral parts of the book, being the reason why Ender stayed at battle school and how Peter was able to take full control of Earth. Another difference is the duration Ender is at battle school. In the book it is stated that he is there for at least a few years, while in the movie it seems to imply he is there for about a month or two. Which doesn’t really allow them to show the develop of Ender and the other characters, and has them seem like wonders that brushed through the school and were gifted with barely any training before invading the Bugger world. However, the biggest and most frustrating difference between the book and the movie I noticed, was the Giant game. The Giant game was a test to see how he deals with frustration, and it showed him go through numerous trials in the book, and how he had to take a break from the game, and deal with his frustration from it in the real world. In the movie though, he failed twice, said “Come on!!” in a frustrated tone, and the next trial he attacks the giant instantly and is sent to salamander

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