Ender's Game Response Essay

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Ali HassanEnder's game essay
21 April 2013

Ender's Game has many deep thoughts the reader can conclude. One of the important themes that the story has is the relationship between masculinity and femininity. I like to call the relationship between masculinity and femininity in Ender's Game “the circulation of features”. This name derived from the description and changes in characters. At the beginning the story gives the typical features of men and women. Women are emotional, but men are cold-hearted. At the end, we can observe that the features are turned over. Men expressed their emotions and what they really feel. Plus, women take responsibility and become harsh and cold. In fact, I am going to express the circulation of features in
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This scene emphasizes the violent nature of masculinity because the physical fight is considered a masculine characteristic for the majority of the cultures in the world including the author's culture. By showing that, the author expresses that masculinity is very different and almost opposite to the sweetness femininity. In case of Peter, it is a complex character. Sometimes, he symbolizes hatred when he says that he will eventually kill Peter for instance (Ender's Game,12). In addition, Peter shows joulesy in different chapters. For instance, when Graff comes to Ender's house to take him to The Battle School, Peter envied Ender hoping that he can join the Battle School instead of Ender (Ender's Game,26). The author presents harsh and violent masculinity by showing that Peter is hateful and jealous of Ender because he believes that hatred and jelousy are characteristic of pure masculinity.

The femininity and masculinity gets closer to each other as the story goes on. The female characters are becoming tougher, colder, and stronger. Petra is the only girl whom we know in the battle school which means she is tough and strong enough to be in this place where the vast majority are males. Also, she has played an important role in helping Ender to win the last battle. She fights in the battle kills many of them until she loses all her ships (Ender's Game,301). Here, Petra shows the violence and toughness of masculinity when she fights and trains in the battle school
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