Endgame in Vienna: A Mystery in the Making

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A cold east wind was blowing in across the Danube from the Hungarian mountains as Kriminalobermeister Maxine Bergmann arrived at Police Headquarters in Stubering. Wachtmeister Willi Schmollinger from the Schottenring police station was waiting for her in her office. He gave her a wry smile and handed a slim file to her. 'It seems that your suspicions concerning the identity of the Blindengasse 5 victim were well-founded, Max. When we turned his place over we found a cigar box hidden in a false panel at the back of his wardrobe. Its contents prove that "Günther Becker" is, in fact, one Lothar Hänsch.' Maxine opened the file. It contained several documents and a Geheime Staatspolizei Durchlassschein… a Gestapo Identity card. Complete with the original photograph still mounted with its two punched-through metal eyelets. The Identity card was a single piece of white, medium weight card stock printed on both sides with a red background pattern consisting of tightly interlocking circles producing a ''chain-mail'' effect; completely covering both sides of the card except for two small spaces on the front. The left half of the front bore a photograph of a young, arrogant-looking Hänsch; resplendent in his mouse-grey Gestapo uniform; above which was a white circle overlapping the top left-hand corner; containing a purple ink stamp impression of the Hoheitszeichen National Insignia Eagle and Hakenkreuz circled with the words: "Der Reichsführer-SS und Chef der Deutschen Polizei 1."
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