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Ending For Samphire By Patrick O'Brien 'As she pushed him, she felt her arms weak like jelly.' Molly knew the force of pushing this boy was too much for her tired arms, but he still fell downward, quite surprised by Molly's actions. On most occasions the boy would have felt embarrassed by being pushed over by a girl, but instead the boy stood up, stared at her and took his trustworthy chameleon and left. Molly really wanted to catch this figure up, but something, maybe her own pride, had pulled her back. Instead she went and sat down beside the palm tree, recollecting her thoughts on how to survive in this unknown island. She knew that she was the only one that survived in the plane crash, so…show more content…
The boy used his net which he made from leaves and trapped the flies inside. Then Lacey and the boy commenced their scrumptious lunch. Molly woke the next day feeling very weak. She had no idea where to get food or drink, and she had no sense of direction. She decided just to walk and try and remember where she went, so if she did get lost, she could find her way back. But after a few turns she already lost her tracking. She decided to walk onwards when out of sheer luck she found a swamp. The swamp stank to high heaven, she thought, but she was so incredibly thirsty that she was intending to drink the water. If the water was contaminated or not was a risk she made to make. After quenching her thirst Molly decided to have a swim. It was swelteringly hot and besides she needed some sort of wash. She took all her clothes off and entered the lake. God, how fantastic it felt, she thought. She went to duck her head underwater. It felt nice to have the water entering her face and hair. All of a sudden her happiness was converted into horror, as some sort of creature had taken hold of her underwater. She couldn't breathe, and could not get away. She thought she was going to drown. The boy was admiring at other side of the lake Molly's beautiful body, and how it was glistening against the golden sun. She had not seen him yet, and he had no intention of

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