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ELEC5208 Intelligent Electricity Networks Pre-lab 2 SCADA System - Faults in Unloaded System Question 1 Due to the Micom meters and replays in the PSS1, Micom S10 is used as the IED user software. Please take some research to find if there is any other IED user software used in current electric utilities to implement system automation, such as from ABB, Schneider, etc. Present another three examples, compare and comment on their features. Are there any special features required for distribution system comparing with transmission system? Answer: 1. The first example comes from Schneider Electric. The software is called microcom S1 studio Microcom S1 Studio Schneider Electric universal IED support software, to provide users…show more content…
Even bad actors manipulate the configuration file, the front panel of this simple examination will determine the parameters of the device is set to the correct value. 2. The 2nd example comes from ABB. Protection and control device manager PCM600. PCM600 comply with IEC 61850, simplifies IED engineering and can communicate with other IEC 61850 standard tools of information. Reflect the true system level demonstration model topology, you can view and efficient, edit information about the power system. PCM600 offers powerful interference from planning to operations and process throughout the life cycle management ABB substation IEDs function interface. Protection and control device management PCM600 tool provides a variety of functions for the entire application life cycle and controls all Relion protection at all voltage levels. This tool helps users easy to handle security and surveillance equipment from the wave all the way to achieve process management and communication configuration, including automatic reports of interference. Designed for communication, PCM600, or directly through the communication port of the IED front portion of the above interactions through corporate LAN or WAN fast and reliable TCP / IP-IED. PCM600 tool can read and write all configuration and use a command set IED data. User interface, workflow and data model in PCM600 IEC 61850 is based on the same concept for Relion protection and control IED, to

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