Endorphin Analysis

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I am reassured by your comment that when you are being flogged properly, that you find yourself riding the endorphin wave by the fifth dozen. As long as I can get through to the start of the endorphin hit, I am confident that I can then take the entire dose like a man. Even with the aid of the endorphins, it is going to be really tough to get through it, but I'm determined to do so to prove that I'm a hard enough man to take it. Pride comes before a fall!  LOL, that is the risk, Andy! Can my determination overpower the mounting agony as the flogging progresses? The high certainly sounds very alluring and yes, I would be the first to admit, that I really like an endorphin high, LOL. I think it's a bit more than 'really like' in…show more content…
This emphasises the fact that each man is doing his Duty and gives the context for each man to prove that he is resolute and hard. I think this is why I find that the "X Dozen Delivered Sir!" works for me, as it adds to the authenticity. I will certainly assume the Military context on Saturday, it seems right anyway and it will also help implant the thought that I have to do my Duty and, as you say, may well enhance my confidence in portraying a real hard man. Might as well start as you should intend to carry on Mark??? Getting into the right mindset is the key to both giving and taking the Cat properly.  I couldn't agree more, Andy. It's much better if we move into the right context now, so that I can get properly into the right mindset when the time…show more content…
What are the scenarios for Saturday, Andy? See above for why Andy deserves a good, hard thrashing with a cane. Manning is going to be leathered for half an hour for not doing what he should have done chores wise (Where are the cane across the trousered seat videos?).  Both scenarios are good, Andy. That gives me something to work on. You now have links to the videos of the 2 trousered seat thrashings in your inbox. Should we switch away from this email thread for now and go back to daily short emails focusing on this Saturday's punishments? As this is an 'extra' session we can keep this email thread going. If you like, you could send young Andrew a bollocking and threatening email, if this helps get into the right mindset. OK, no problem in keeping the main thread going. It will help me if I send out an additional email... I'll draft
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