Endorsement Analysis Assignment

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I came into the school year knowing full well that in November, America would have a new president-elect into office in January. I admit I really didn’t know much about the entire American election process, and the amount of rigor, structure, and controversy that surrounds the entire procedure. Fortunately, I had a basic level of understanding and knowledge of issues, however, I didn’t know the vast amount of variation that is present from different issues, and how different issues come to formulate one’s “political identity.” Over the course of the last thirteen weeks, American Studies has taken my entry level background, and successfully transformed me into a conscious, informed, independent, and responsible participant in the American Political…show more content…
I was changed into a more informed participant of American politics simply due to the fact that I was presented facts upon the state of our beloved country, such as trade info, unemployment rates, terrorism, and immigration. Through this assignment, I also feel more responsible because I felt an obligation to effectively learn about Trump and Clinton, what morals they have, their credibility, their experience, and how they attempt to improve “our America” into something more prestigious. My belief in Trump has been strongly altered into a more hostile audience. Bloomberg questions Trump’s credibility as a businessman and as a potential Commander-In-Chief, when he states “Trump has left behind a well-documented record of bankruptcies, lawsuits, and angry shareholders and contractors who feel cheated, as well as disillusioned customers who feel ripped off. He says he wants to run the nation like he has run his business. God help us.” Here, I feel the responsibility to share and spread this quote to anyone with the ability and right to vote, because It is our responsibility to uphold our rights and make the right decisions for the good of the
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