Enduring Issues

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Charmaine Williams Professor Gordon Sociology January 21, 2015 The five enduring issues that draw Psychologists together are person versus situation, heredity versus environment, or nature versus nurture, stability versus change, diversity versus universality, and mind versus body. Each of these issues pertain in one or more ways in a person’s life, although not everyone is aware so it is not really something we pay attention to unless we really have to. These issue together are the issues that psychologist from all divisions of the science feel need to be investigated because they will help us to understand what it means to be human. In order to relate any of these issues in my life I must first understand the meaning of each…show more content…
If you were lucky enough to have grandparents in your life you were surely raised with old school values and beliefs. Some people were raised without any sense of morals and values and some of the bad things in society helped raise these few, and sometimes society’s great influence has an impact on how you lived your life. Stability versus Change. This to me means do we stay the same as we grow and develop or do we stay the same and the characteristics that we develop based only on our childhood experiences are, or changes predictable or unpredictable. Change is inevitable because technology and the world evolves more and more everyday. As we grow and develop, our characteristics are going to change no matter what. Our childhood experiences do influence who we are and what we become in life. Diversity versus universality. The meaning of this issue would be how do we all differ in or actions, and what we think and how much are individuals alike in that aspect. For me I like diversity because I choose to be different, I do not want to be like everyone else. It is hard because all humans have some similarities, but the one that makes us different is our sex, that our society expects certain behaviors from us, which makes us all similar and different, because we may all do the same things, but not in the same way. Mind versus body. The simple definition would be how we define the relationship between our minds and bodies and how
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