Enduring Love Alternate Ending Essay

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Chapter one ***Carson's P.O.V*** “Well, maybe I don't want to pretend to be your boyfriend. Did the fact that I am gay slip your mind?” I asked Cassidy, who seemed to be bouncing off the walls today. She sent me a deathly glare. “Who cares? There's a load of gross guys staring at us right now.” I rolled my eyes. “More like staring at you, genius.” Cassidy frowned at me before smiling. “Come on, just even a hug or something? Quick, wrap your arm around my waist, Jeremy's staring at me.” I stared at her in disbelief. “You do know that this completely ruins the whole 'out of the closet' thing I've got going on, right?” She frowned. “You're rude.” I laughed. “Just go get yourself some guy...or a girl.” She nodded at a girl who was bending over,…show more content…
"It's completely normal. You were only three when he left. And if you remember him, you'd know that he wasn't a very nice person and it's better that he's gone." Sam smiled. "Thanks for taking care of me." I smiled back and ruffled his hair. I heard the front door open and close, so I knew that mum was here and that I could leave for work. ~♡~ I arrived at Mr Wood's own home to fix his leaking tap and was greeted by Mrs Wood, who loved me to bits. As I was working, she was talking to me, telling me how her day was and asking about mine. I smiled, loving our conversations. Her face lit up. "Do you want cookies? I made them this afternoon! And there's some orange juice in the fridge." I knew that she'd be offended if I said no, so I smiled. "I'd love some." So she grabbed her tray of cookies, setting some on a plate and poured a cup of orange juice. "Okay, come sit with me. Have a break, so we can chat." I was eating and chatting with Mrs Wood, when Oliver walked in. "Mum, who are you talking too." He groaned when he saw my face and looked at his mum. "What is he doing here again?" Mrs Wood smiled. "Oh, the poor love has been working on our plumbing for half an hour!" Oliver frowned. "Half an hour? What the hell have you been
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