Enduring Vision Study Guide Essay

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Name: ____________________ Date: ____________________ Enduring Vision Ch 1 & 2 Use your knowledge of U.S. History to answer the following questions. Put your answer on the answer sheet. Save the answer sheet as your name, type your name on it, and email to me in 1 week. ____ 1. Which of the following is not one of the theories about how America was originally settled? 1-3 |a. |Siberian hunters crossed from Asia to North American during the last ice age. | |b. |Europeans sailed across the Atlantic in leather boats during the pre-Christian era. | |c. |Hunters from Asia dispersed themselves over much of North America.…show more content…
|They developed a society organized around kinship ties and communal support. | ____ 7. What advances did the Maya make? 4-8 |a. |They developed a calendar. | |b. |They used a numerical system that included a zero. | |c. |They utilized a system of writing. | |d. |All of these choices | |e. |None of these choices | ____ 8. Who were the Pochteca? 4-8 |a. |They were traders in the Aztec empire who traveled from village to village in armed caravans. | |b. |They were merchants in the Olmec empire who facilitated the trade of gold and silver. | |c. |They were warriors in the Maya empire who were responsible for the defense of the kingdom. | |d. |They were religious leaders in the Inca empire who provided spiritual guidance to the people. | |e. |They were farmers in
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