Endymion Vs. Baron

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From the passage we learn power and fame show a great relationship through Endymion and Barron as they are two things people long for in society. Power is something you have whereas fame is like a reputation. Endymion claims “I should like to be a public man…….Well I should like to have power.” Endymion believes by being a public man he will gain power and a reputation and lead a successful life. Amazed by public life, he is also a man of politics and ambition and wants to be attention of the public eye. But, soon will realize the public is more powerful and he wouldn’t any longer appeal to himself. The Baron adds “a public man is responsible and a responsible man is a slave. It seems Endymion has made a lot of cursory ideas about power and fame opposed to Baron. Baron shows that you could still have power and fame in a private eye without the public tearing you down as he is a wealthy and powerful man who lives a private life. “It is private life that governs the world…..the more you are talked about the less powerful you are.…show more content…
“The world talks much of sovereigns and great ministers, and if talked about made one powerful they would be irresistible.” Private people are sought out to be the ones who rule the world because they hide away and don’t become the eye of society like politicians, celebrities, and famous .They are well known for being true to their self. For Instance, in today’s world we know the work of many men but fail to know the name of men, they are hidden and the famous are seem coming to the limelight claiming more power and fame. Power and Fame are limited and sojourned, it will only last for so long. Like as a president may have power over a country for 4-8 years a while celebrity may have fame for a life
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