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A, How is the market segmented? What are the key customer motivations and unmet needs? What are the similarities and differences among the segments? How might a company link customer motivations to value propositions? Segmentation Demographic Segmentation means dividing markets into objective quantifiable characteristics. In the case, energy bar business is divided by age, gender, calories need, preference and so on. Usage segmentation means identifying market segments according to the way(s) in which the product or service is to be used. In the case, the motivation changed from providing a convenient energy boost for athletes to generalizing better “performance” during the day. Key customer motivations and unmet needs Energy Bar was…show more content…
Social environment When a society is increasingly promoting sports and fitness, the entire energy bar demand increases, so that the factories scale and income increase. 2, How would you go about evaluating emerging submarkets? What criteria would use to enter each? Consider Power Bar’s reaction to the Clif organic bar. The best way to evaluate emerging markets would be to evaluate their success based on meeting the needs of consumers and also meeting a need that current markets are overlooking which was the case when Clif bar came in the market. The amount of sales and revenue generated could also be a good indicator of how well an emerging submarket is faring off compared to competitors. As an emerging market you have to take a look at strategies already being used and figure out a way in which you can penetrate the market better. Eg. Considering Clif Bar’s approach into the market, their target was the same as the PowerBar consumers but by introducing a better taste and texture they were able to emerge as a powerhouse competitor. Another example is the Balance Bars, they geared their focus towards a different consumer by making adjustments to a product that was already available in the market. In An effort to counter the emerging submarket PowerBar had to re-evaluate their strategies by not only changing taste and the texture of their product but by also introducing a new product; Harvest and ProteinPlus. 3, Can brands
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