Energy Buzz To Kill Research Paper

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Energy Drinks: A Buzz That Could Kill
Everybody that is 17 to 25 is dead, this strikes sorrow to the older few. People are nervous to what is going to happen to mankind. At this rate people will no longer exist in a few decades. Small Children are getting concerned if they do not do something then we are in trouble. All of this tragedy is because of a drink that is consumed by teens. Even though this is fiction, the truth about energy drinks can be just as scary. The danger of energy drinks is that it is overloaded with unhealthy ingredients that can cause health troubles in your future. The dangerous, Energy drinks provide more than a quick boost to society. First, what is an energy drink, an energy drink is a soft drink that has a high
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It will give one the energy that they are lacking. Energy drinks will make one more alert, it makes you more awake and ready to do the things one is wanting to do. Even working out, some energy products are for working out, such as C-4. It is full of caffeine and will get you ready to workout. These drinks have been known to help people who have low blood sugar. They can be very profitable for those who produce them. They have huge names in the motocross, and designs too. So, how many energy drinks are bought in one year, There were half a million dollars in sales in ‘06. In recent studies teens are doing most of the purchasing this can be a scary thing. This can lead to trouble.
Also, what are the health risks of drinking energy drinks? One risk of drinking energy drinks can be having heart disease later in life. Energy drinks can cause many problems to the heart, heart attacks and strokes has been the result of energy drinks. This especially troubling for young people that don’t have the tolerance like the older people who has drank more caffeine in there
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People need to realize quitting the consumption of these beverages is not easy. “It is about impossible to give up caffeine cold turkey, however it’s much easier to slow down slow, by drinking lower amounts of caffeine, slowing down how fast you consume it” (Shin Park). If one drinks energy drinks often, one can become dependent to it. People need to replace energy drinks into a healthy diet. If one eats for energy instead of for flavor, and exercises regularly, one would not need an extra boost to start the day, or get through it. Even Lowering ones caffeine with drinking soda, will make a difference in how much one will consume sugar and caffeine, and the other ingredients that are just as unhealthy in the energy drinks and not in soda. “Containing caffeine, taurine, vitamins, and usually sugar, these drinks are generally marketed as enhancing alertness or providing a short-term energy boost and do not constitute suitable sources of rehydration or restoration of electrolytes in association with athletic activity” (Miller).
In conclusion people need to more concerned about energy drinks, and have a little more knowledge about what it does to your body. Energy drinks can affect you in many different ways and what you mix with energy drinks can change the affect as well such as alcohol. Energy drinks are making billions of dollars, not only because its taste, or of the boost it gives, because of its addictive. People look
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