Energy, Coal, And Natural Gas

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Energy is a fundamental factor to the existence of humans on this planet; without it, modern society would be unsustainable. Consequently, the sourcing and production of energy is a critical global issue that must be addressed. Currently, the most common energy sources are fossil fuels: oil, coal, and natural gas. The consumption of fossil fuels is not sustainable in the long run as the resources are not infinite, and as energy consumption increases, the earth’s natural resources (fossil fuels) are depleted. The belief that conventional energy sources are unsustainable prompted the development and use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric. The sustainability of energy is such a demanding issue that Germany…show more content…
The accident released 940 Petabecquerels of radioactive materials into the atmosphere, causing the evacuation of 100,000 people from their homes to prevent radiation sickness. In light of this accident, the federal government of Germany decided to review the safety of all German nuclear power plants even though Germany at the time, was 30% nuclear-powered. After Fukushima, 41% of Germany’s nuclear power capacity (8 units of 17 total) was promptly shut down, with the rest of the units to be disabled by 2022. The events at Fukushima fueled Germany to reevaluate German energy policies and provided the platform for meaningful discussion regarding Germany’s future in energy. Ultimately, it was understood that nuclear energy was simply not sustainable, nor safe to comprise such a significant portion of Germany’s energy sector.
Not only was the safety of the German population a concern in regards to nuclear energy, but also the use of fossil fuels and the impact of burning fossil fuels globally supplemented Germany’s concern with current energy productions. Carbon emissions and their impact on climate globally was one of the many reasons Germany felt compelled to drastically change energy policy. It is largely discussed politically and socially that the emission of carbon into the atmosphere is partly responsible for the warming of the climate globally. As a country that has contributed the most to carbon
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