Energy Conservation

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Energy Conservation 1 Mitigation Strategies and Solutions: Energy Conservation Katie Shuker Axia College of University of Phoenix Energy Conservation 2 Energy conservation is the practice of decreasing the quantity of energy used while achieving a similar outcome of end use. This practice may result in increase human comfort, personal security, national security, environmental value, and financial capital. Energy conservation is a reduction or elimination of unnecessary energy use. There are many activities that people can do to conserve energy and help not only themselves, but also the environment and everyone around them. Conserving energy is important because most of our current energy sources are not renewable; meaning…show more content…
Also government support would be required when trying to get recycling bins and locations set up and where they can be and who would clean them out. Assistance from the government is not needed for turning lights off and unplugging electronics. That is only something that each individual can do to assist in conserving energy. Required societal support is will be to have communities come together to want to help conserve energy. To make people want to participate they need to be informed. Once they are informed of the plans and the benefits for everyone once the plan is put into place and successful then everyone will need to pull together to participate. Everyone in every state, county, city, and neighborhood will need to start to utilize the recycling locations. Once that is started everyone will also need to start saving energy in each and every household by implementing new rules to only have lights, Televisions, radios, computers, and any other electronics on when they are in use and someone is in the room. Energy Conservation 6 If the room is empty there should not be any electronic devices on or plugged in, with exceptions. Charges and such should only be plugged in when in use, everything else needs to be off and put away when not in use to help save the energy used on a regular basis. Now that the smaller goals are started the biggest way to conserve energy
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