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TMA03 Covering Block 3

Question 1

(a) An impactor mass of 45 kg is used to represent the weight of child reasonably regarded to be involved in an accident with glass or plastics.

(b) The BS standards gives the manufacturers a clear set of standards that their products need to achieve to be safe and fit for the purpose that they have been designed for. It also gives the purchaser the expectation that the item has reached the standards set down by the BSI and will be a safe for the expected life of the item.

(c) (i) The energy on impact is calculated by using the following equations:

Potential Energy (PE) = mass x gravity x height

This gives the potential energy at the height when
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The stiffness of the beam will depend upon the properties of the material used in its construction and the component geometry of the design of the beam.

(ii) In the Dorman Long patent the suggested material of construction plate/sheet steel. The use of plate/sheet steel is favoured due to its stiffness compared to its weight and that it can be easily folded or rolled in the construction of the lintel.

(c) (i) Refer back to claim 1 of the Catnic patent as discussed in Block 3 Part 2. List the ‘essential integers’ of the Catnic lintel, and identify which component part is absent from the Dorman Long patent.

a first horizontal plate or part adapted to support a course or plurality of superimposed units forming part of the inner skin and

a second horizontal plate or part substantially parallel to the first and spaced there from in a downward vertical direction and adapted to span the cavity in the cavity wall and be supported at least at each end thereof upon courses forming parts of the outer and inner skins respectively of the cavity wall adjacent an a perture, and

a first rigid inclined support member extending downwardly and forwardly from or near the front edge adjacent the cavity of the first horizontal plate or part and forming with the second plate or part at an intermediate position which lies between the front and rear edge
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