Energy Crisis And Its Effects On The Future Of Man

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There is a very real energy crisis in regards to the future of man, which will leave a cross generational affect if not treated now. The energy crisis is something that many don’t give enough attention to in the world of politics. The issue is gradually becoming more prevalent as years progress with focusing on the ways that energy gets used. The resources that are referenced are natural resources, such as coal and oil. However there is one product that is manmade and this would be gas from fossil fuels. “The best way to sum up the reality of the energy crisis is that you cannot have growing demands on limited resources without eventually running out of the resource” (conserve-energy). Essentially there is an overconsumption of energy, the infrastructure that is used to create the “efficient” energy is outdated and the quality is poor and to press even further there hasn’t been enough exploration of renewable energy. A proposal must start with the steps to solving this issue, one must examine how all these resources get used and at what rate. This proposal would investigate and seek to create a recyclable source of energy much like the industrial revolution, but with eco friendlier approach. According to Global Economic Symposium, which is an annual conference that is held by the Kel Institute for the World Economy located in Germany has said, “The potential for crisis if we run out of energy is very real but there is still time before that occurs. In the past two decades
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