Energy Crisis Interrelated to Global Warming. Photovoltaic Cell – A Possible Solution

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Energy Crisis Interrelated to Global Warming. Photovoltaic Cell – A Possible

The world’s energy crisis has worsened in recent years, as oil prices dramatically increased due to the limited amount of available oil. Global warming is considered as a byproduct of energy crisis, because as oil continues to burn in the refining process, CO2 is constantly emitted to the atmosphere at a fast rate and in heavy concentrations, which in turn, worsens the global warming situation. Photovoltaic cell technology converts sunlight into direct current electricity. This source can be a possible solution to solve the energy crisis as well as the global warming issue.

Energy crisis has remained a top concern in
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One of the possible solutions to solve these problems is the replacement of renewable energy, solar energy, which converts sun energy directly to usable energy such as electricity. This will possibly slow down the process of energy crisis and global warming.

Results and Discussion-
Almost everything in our daily lives depends on oil as a major energy source, automobiles, freeways, commutes, air travel, food and heater/air conditioning. Since the production of oil is considered cheap and convenient in economic terms, people rarely consider alternative sources of energy. Until recently, the energy crisis has worsened. This is indicated by the rising of oil prices. The world, especially the U.S. is highly depending on the Middle Eastern oil because oil productions in other places are constantly declining. Not only city residents are dependent on oil, but also the farmers. Farmer represents 2% of the American population, but they can produce enough food for the rest of the 98% of the population due to the help from the oil-powered machineries. It is estimated that it takes approximately one ton of oil to produce one steer. (The Coming World Energy Crisis, 2005). Since oil is a non-renewable energy source, the oil production will definitely be depleted. The world has already consumed about half of the endowment of oil, and the discovery rate for new oil has decreased in the past 40 years. As the world population increases, the corresponding