Energy Drink Marketing : Marketing And Consumption Of Energy Drinks

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ENERGY DRINK MARKETING Introduction Since the turn of the new millennium, there has been a visible trend in the marketing and consumption of energy drinks. The consumption of these energy drinks could be attributed to the viral marketing that has been boosted by social media and created by the wave of synthetic, caffeinated high-energy drinks that are being manufactured. The drinks target the youth market and the athletes. In the past ten years or so, there has been a growth in the uptake of the drinks and of the social media as whole. The convergence of the efforts to market the drinks and the growth of social media as a marketing tool. Using "V" as a case study, the review analyses the consumption of caffeinated beverages and the…show more content…
GRAB A CAN TODAY AND ENTER TO WIN!!! 3. V Energy Drink Aus ‏@venergydrink123 17 Jan 2017 Tag a mate who deserves this badge! The presence on Twitter means that V is able to keep the enthusiasts with an active presence on social media platforms and that means that the company can carry out viral marketing by constantly informing and engaging their followers on Twitter. Most of the followers on Twitter are the youths and they are known to have an insatiable appetite for the modern fashion trends, and products (Burton, Dadich and Soboleva, 2013). As part of maintaining an informative and entertaining channel, V constantly posts on Twitter as shown by the tweets above. Contrariwise, a large section of the market today can only be reached through digital means on the web. V uses a collection of text, multimedia and audio-visual to reach out and keep the followers interested. Based on the promotional tweet 3, the company even offers promotional services and products on their Twitter handle. All businesses focusing on the digital platforms also use paid advertisements as a way of reaching out to more consumers and the adoption of social media as one of their outreach tools mean that companies like V have effectively used it. Efficiency of Communication Based on the tweets by V above, efficient communication is one of the most important things that is required in digital marketing.
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