Energy Drinks Are Not Necessarily a Good Option

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In the past few years, according to Diana Koelliker from Telluride Medical , a number of energy drinks have entered the market to provide all of us with a quick boost of energy, easily. These drinks usually contain high levels of caffeine and other additives that act as stimulants. Sometimes we need the extra pick me up to get us through the rest of the day or to help us stay awake while studying for an exam. So, what better way to do that then to grab a Red Bull or a Monster? Well studies have shown that energy drinks just may not be our best option.

Transition: Because they have so much extra sugar and additives, energy drinks can cause more problems to our bodies than it’s actually worth.

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A lawsuit in San Francisco city was filed May 6, 2013 claiming the Monster caffeine levels can lead to elevated blood pressure, seizures and cardiac arrest. In October 2012, the parents also sued Monster after their daughter went into cardiac arrest and died after drinking two 24- ounce cans of Monster Energy drinks in less than 24 hours.

Transition: Now that we know that energy drinks can be harmful, I will explain a few healthier alternatives from Andrea Thyrring we can choose from.

“A cup of coffee, believe it or not, is a safer bet. Other drinks that can give us a boost are fruit juiced, sports drinks and even water. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, so we need to be sure to get at least eight cups of water per day to help keep our bodies going. Also, getting a healthy amout of whole grain and fruit- based carbohydrates can give our bodies energy. Snacking on fresh and dried fruits, veggies and whole grain cereals or bread are just a few options. Starting the day with a cup of yogurt, an apple and a hand full of granola can get you up and running after a long night.”

Conclusion: There are many reason we like to go to energy drinks including their taste and their energy boost they give us. We should really think about what they do to our bodies, and consider an alternative to keep us going. Studies have shown that coffee may actually have some health benefits like lowering the risk of diabetes, boosting energy, and decreasing the risk of
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