Energy Drinks Customer Analysis

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2.0 Customer Analysis 2.1 customer research Energy drinks consumers are generally bellow 35 years of age. The industry targets teenagers, young adults and athletes. Workers are also included in the market segment for this product. As regards to customers description, recent studies has pointed out that 65% of energy markets are male (Energy Drinks Market, n.d).Consumers are usually single with an average income (Central Information Organization, 2009, p.8). Nowadays, energy drinks are very popular among teenager students. As confirmed by Bahrain Central Information Organization webpage (CIO), students’ rate is 174.98 per 1000 population. This is a large percent taking into account the very small population of Bahrain. Furthermore, people…show more content…
2.2.1 Geographic the product will hit units with the largest amount of populations in Bahrain. As demonstrated in the table bellow, the majority of the population is concentrated in the three governorates: Capital, Central and Northern. Administrative units, figure 1 Northern Central Capital Muharraq Southern Southern Map of The Administrative Units Division, figure 2 Moreover, all three are located in the upper side of the country (figure 2). As explained in further point of this report the product is a new brand of Coca Cola Co. The Cola factory is located in Salmabad an industrial area in Bahrain (Wikipedia, 2010). This would be the start point of the distribution process. Then, the product will be delivered to universities, one of the largest places of students gatherings for example: University of Bahrain, Bahrain polytechnic and AMA. The product will be available in campuses whether in canteens, small cold stores or even cafeterias. Also, athletes can easily find the product in gyms and other sports halls. Furthermore, famous hypermarkets such as: Geant, Lulu and Carrefour Hypermarket will be the ultimate seller for the product. All three types of customer can simply find the product in one of these locations. 2.2.2 Demographic To start with, market segment for energy drinks is targeted at group of people in their late teens to early thirties. The age group is determined between 18 to

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