Energy Drinks: Liquid Meth?

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Walter Brodner
Prof. Geerling
5 February 2013
Energy Drinks: Liquid Meth? Over the last decade, drinks containing high amounts of caffeine, sugar, and other ingredients that increase energy have been rapidly growing in popularity. Clearly these beverages are known as energy drinks. Energy drinks have gotten so popular that it is extremely rare to find a convenience store that doesn’t sell a variety of them. Students use energy drinks to cram the night before a test, athletes use them to exercise, party animals mix them with alcohol to drink more than humanly possible, and some people just drink them to stay awake at work after a sleepless night. Red Bull, one of the most popular energy drinks in the market, claim to enhance
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Despite all the controversy, most people can agree how useful a jolt of extra energy can be some days. Energy drinks can help a doctor be more alert during surgery during a graveyard-shift, help college students get that “A” they have been working towards all semester, or keep police officers vigilant and energized on the job. There’s no way of knowing exactly how many college students that graduated owe their diploma to caffeine, but it sure didn’t hurt to be able to pull all-nighters while being alert. People that enjoy exercise can lift-weights or do cardio way more effectively by drinking one before the work-out. Energy drinks are not only safe but they are making people more effective workers, students, or athletes.
Besides the obvious and immediate effects of drinks containing high amounts of caffeine there are a few long-term benefits worth mentioning. Depression is a horrible condition that slowly eats away at a person until there is nothing left of them. Coffee has been shown to fight depression ("Does Caffeine Reduce the Risk of Depression?). By drinking a few cups of coffee or one can of an energy drink chances of depression

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