Energy Drinks Speech

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Energy drinks Introduction Energy drinks were first inserted over 20 years ago and people were oblivious to the damage caused by energy drinks on health. The problem is no one really knows the several side effects. The most dangerous ingredient in them is caffeine. Nowadays, energy drinks have become popular choices for many young people. Adolescents make up the largest percentage of users, and this can be dangerous to public health. The aim of this essay is to argue that the sale of all energy drinks should be banned, to minimize the potential harm from energy drinks particularly on young people. Background In order to understand the problem of energy drinks, it is necessary to know the side effects that this product may cause and how harmful it is on health. Energy drink is a sort of beverage consumed significantly between adolescents. It consists of stimulant drugs, especially caffeine, that works as providing mental and physical stimulation. It also composed of sugar and other sweeteners, amino acids and many harmful components. These ingredients are the main causes of many diseases on health.…show more content…
First of all, these drinks increase the wakefulness it may raise heart rate for infected. Many of them do not realize that these drinks may lead their lives in danger. Energy drinks augment the attentiveness and alertness; it can harm people who especially suffer from heart diseases. (Paddock,2007). More over, energy drinks includes acid. When young people drink these types of beverage it may pose a danger to the teeth. Adults believe that energy drinks will enhance their work but a lot of them do not realize how these drinks can damage their teeth because of the acid.(Shepherd,2012). Because of this drawback, this essay will focus on the main ingredient in energy drinks and some of the diseases that can be caused by this harmful
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