Energy Efficiency and Sustaining Resources For the Future Essay examples

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Energy Efficiency and Sustaining Resources For the Future

Do Americans or human beings as a whole need to be more energy cautious? I think we need to become better educated and make knowledgeable decisions in how we use our energy and at what rate in which we use it. The brutal truth of the matter is that our resources of energy we are using are not going to last forever. In the United States we consumed 94,231 trillion Btu during 1997. The state of New York alone used 4.24% of that total energy, or about 4,000 trillion Btu of energy (“How much?”, Internet). We need to move away from the excessive use of energy, especially energy generated from fossil fuels. The main problem with fossil fuels is not that they are running
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Main Energy Goals:

In the beginning of every good plan, you have goals, something to work towards. In my energy plan I work towards four main goals. The first goal that my energy plan contains is efficiency measures; one example being is the increase of fuel efficiency. This can be done by raising the miles per gallon standards, or encourage design models for cars that are more efficient in gasoline use. Another efficiency measure is the introduction of efficiency procedures people can take. Some examples: if they installed energy-efficient technologies, such as compact florescent light bulbs and efficient appliances. One other method is to provide tax incentives for efficient new buildings and equipment. If the government offered tax credits for the use of efficient equipment and building designs, this would bring immediate results in energy efficiency. One of the last ways I would like to introduce efficiency is by strengthening energy-efficient standards on appliances and residential living.

The second of my four energy goals engages renewable energy. Wind power, when appropriately sited, can generate and provide massive amounts of clean energy. This would be beneficial to the decrease of fossil fuel use. Another source like, solar energy, can be implemented just about anywhere. It is so abundant that

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