Energy Is An Benefits Of Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy
By Jonah Arnott

What is renewable energy?
Renewable energy is produced using natural resources that constantly replaced and never run out.

Types of renewable energy
Sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat are all the examples of renewable energy.

Benefits of renewable energy.

One of the benefits of renewable energy is that it is naturally occurring so does not harm the environment and also that it doesn’t run out. Another benefit is that it is generally it is cheaper to produce renewable energy because created by the environment.

Renewable energy has a great impact in public health because unlike fossil fuels like coal it does not pollute the environment and cause illness in people. It is called clean energy. Wind, solar
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Renewable energy also relies on weather conditions such as sunlight, rain, wind and waves which is beyond our control.

Renewable energy is a source of energy that does not consume the finite resources of the earth and can be easily and quickly replinished. Science Competition 2017
By Jonah Arnott


One of the disadvantages of renewable energy is that you are unable to control the weather. For example, if you are using a solar source of renewable energy, you rely on the sun being out.

My science project is designed to provide a more efficient way of capturing and storing renewable energy by using to natural energy sources, wind and solar.

My design is a windmill with a solar panel and battery storage.


When the wind is blowing, the windmill will be moving and creating renewable energy. If the wind stops and then sun is out, the windmill will continue to produce renewable energy by using the solar panel and motor that will spin the windmill.
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