Energy Is The Building Block Of Any Society Essay

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Pragnesh Bhakta 1302-016 Introduction Energy is the building block of any society. Many resources and activities that stimulate a better living to human beings are highly dependent on energy in one way or another. In fact, the modern advancements into different sectors as seen in the contemporary world would be obsolete if it different types of energy were vague. There are numerous sources where energy is harvested, all falling under two major categories, renewable energy and non-renewable energy. Statistics indicate that fossil fuels contribute the vast majority of the global energy, with more than 82% of global energy coming from the fossil fuels (Dogan and Seker 429-439). Fossil fuels incorporate three major components, coal, natural gas, and oil. Historians argue that the fuels have powered the world for more than a century. On the other hand, wind energy falls under the category of renewable energy; this means that the energy can be used without depletion as opposed to the fossil fuels that are extracted and therefore prone to depletion. Over the recent past decade, there have been a global campaign to create awareness on the rising risks associated with the emissions coming from burning fossil fuels to harness energy. Statistics indicate that 80% of global emissions come from the fossil fuels used as a form of energy in different sectors, e.g. electricity and in running industries. Bothe international and national organizations in different countries have suggested

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