Energy Issues And The New Sustainable Energy

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Michael Luo
Mr. Goodman
15 September 2014 Energy issues Personally, when talking about Energy issues, I need to analyze the topic from two aspects, ‘The history of energy’ and ‘Prospective and challenge of the new sustainable energy. The following I will show the relative information in details
With the invention of steam engine and the development of technology, humans go into the first industrial revolution, which means going from hand production to machines. During the period of time, England is regarded as the most famous symbol. However, with the fast development of economy, many rivers are polluted and an amazing amount of forest were deforested excessively, which leads many serious environmental issues, such as air pollution and rivers polluted. Until one famous and serious historical events “Great Smog of 1952” happed, During the “Great Smog of 1952”, average 1,000 tons of smoke particles, 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 140 tons of hydrochloric acid and 14 tons of fluorine compounds were emitted on each day. In addition, perhaps most dangerously, 370 tons of sulphuric dioxide were converted into 800 tons of sulphuric acid. The final result is that
About 4,000 people were known to have died as a result of the fog, but it could be many more.
Many people suffered from breathing problems
Press reports claimed cattle at Smithfield had been asphyxiated by the smog.
Travel was disrupted for disrupted for days
After that, humans gradually realized the energy…
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