Energy Management And Solar Related Business Opportunities For Households

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.2 Previous Studies Sustainable energy Solar energy: This study was made by (Heikki Keskiväli,2013) Flexible energy management and solar-related business opportunities for households in Finland The purpose of this study is to raise the comprehension and have more knowledge on the flexible energy management that is associated to business models and chances for households in Finland, however at once implementing solar power generation into the equation. The main concentration will be on the demand capabilities, hourly consumption and solar production analysis of households in Finland ,however other countries like Southern European have also covered for comparison. Moreover, for fundamentals various models are deliberated, besides which sensitivity on investment analysis are conducted with choices of realistic scenario. In Finland business opportunities does exist but however, until now still no attractive returns. Base case analysis demonstrated internal rates which are among-3,0 % and -1,6 % , this is without demand response benefits, and internal rates of return among-0,8 % and 0,3 % with them.Therefore, demand response had a really important positive effect on the returns of an investment during regulation trading activities and solar production self-consumption maximisation. This study was made by (JOSEPHINE MUSANGO,2013) TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT OF RENEWABLE ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY IN SOUTH AFRICA This study has created a framework that incorporates a technology

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