Energy Plays An Integral Part

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Energy plays an integral part in my life. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (n.d.). Power profiler, my annual energy usage estimated from my monthly use of 1364 kWh per month is 12 pounds of nitrogen oxides, 25 pounds of sulfur dioxide and 20,733 pounds of carbon dioxide. Nitrogen Oxides are gases produced from vehicle emissions and power stations and are considered pollutants because they can cause health related issues and they also produce fog. Sulphur Dioxide is produced from burning fuels and can cause serious health risks like cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. It also causes acid rain and can damage waterways and trees. Carbon Dioxide is a gas that occurs naturally and is as a result of burning…show more content…
This means that the oil is changed at regular intervals and the tires are rotated to ensure that the vehicle uses less energy to run. The emissions from the exhaust system is minimal since the engine is new. At work, I use the computer for the entire period that I am there. My job consists of pulling up account information on a desktop and maintaining accounts throughout the day. The photocopy machine is constantly in use and there is much wastage of paper during the day. These energy sources are renewable since they are derived from replenish able sources. Electricity is produced using hydroelectric power. This is the use of water that is turned into electricity as it is put through a turbine. As long as there is an adequate supply of water, the electricity supply will be available. The fuel that I use to operate my car also comes from a renewable source since the earth replenishes the materials used to produce fuel and natural gas. The constant consumption, however, may lead to a shortage of materials in the long run, because these natural components need time to replenish themselves. Increased energy use has health and environmental impacts. The increased use of fuel energy in our everyday lives have contributed to the increase in harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide which has an impact on the health of individuals. The increases in cancer, respiratory illnesses and damage to
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