Energy Pollution Essay

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This article explains how all those countries are using energy. They are China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, and other. They will consume the global energy to almost double by 2040, according to the Department of Energy that released the news. However, people will save more resources that people would use in many other things? They are not recommending energy consumption. In order, they started using natural gas, and other renewable energy sources other than coal because it might cause pollution to the environment. It can also pollute the water and cause problems that might also make affect animal’s lives. Burning coal isn't a very bad idea but it should be used for a short period of time just to take care of people’s needs. Resulted, the EIA said CO2 has sent out from energy activities that are rising after years and will reach 43 billion metric tons in 2040, which can cause the air to pollute by burn wood, coal, and factories that might also use these resources instead of fossil fuels. Keeping an eye on when people start burning resources that cause CO2, and over many years now, CO2 is holding 34 percent. Which affects people’s and other living organisms around the world. As the studies show, An Administrator Adam Sieminski, said: “The world’s demand for fossil fuels will continue to grow.” Which means replacing fossil fuels with anything else, wouldn’t be favorable as fossil fuels. The purpose of this article is that natural resources are very important in around the world
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