Energy, Reliable, Sustainable And Modern

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This goals’ objective is that everyone will have access to energy, and that the energy will be affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern. This is a very hefty goal to achieve, only made harder by the goal’s five targets. Targets are supposed to be measureable indicators of whether or not the goal can be achieved. I believe that targets 7.1 and 7.2 are not truly measureable until certain aspects of the target have been defined. Target 7.1 aims to ensure universal access to affordable energy. The reason that this cannot be measured is twofold. First, the word “affordable” needs to be defined. The amount of money that countries and people can afford to allocate to energy differ vastly; what may be an acceptable price for one person or one country may be drastically too high for another. The second reason this target is not measureable is because of the word “universal”. Universal means that everyone will have access. In 2015, it is estimated that there are 7.2 billion people on Earth. I believe that it is unrealistic for the UN to be able to determine if every single person has access to energy, let alone if the energy is affordable/ sustainable, etc...Target 7.2 aims to substantially increase the share of renewable energy. Again this target cannot be measured until it is clearly defined. The word substantially is not easily measured because there is no value to it. Does substantially mean an increase by 5%, 70%, is it measured in terms of money, percentages, or other units?
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