Energy Resource: Coal and Solar Energy Essay

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Can you imagine not being able to plug your cell phone in to charge, or use the microwave, or turn on any lights? These would all not be possible without electricity. Electricity can be produced in many ways. Two ways are through coal and solar energy. The way these two energy sources are produced and the effects they have on the environment are very different but they are both used to produce electricity.
Coal is one the fossil fuels in this world. There are four main types of coal. Anthracite, bituminous, sub bituminous, and lignite. Anthracite has 86-97% carbon. It accounts for 0.5% of the coal mined here in the United States. All the mines that have Anthracite in it are located in North-eastern Pennsylvania. (New Century Coal, 2013)
Bituminous coal has 45-86% carbon. Bituminous coal was formed from high heat and pressure. Bituminous coal is 100 to 300 million years old. Bituminous coal accounts for half of the coal in the US. West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania are the largest makers of bituminous coal. (New Century Coal, 2013)
Sub bituminous coal has a lower heating value than bituminous coal. It contains 35-45% of carbon. 46% of sub bituminous coal is in the US. Sub bituminous coal is at least 100 million years old. Wyoming is the main place sub bituminous coal is found. (New Century Coal, 2013)
Lignite is the last main type of coal. Lignite has the lowest energy content. Lignite coal is young and contains 25-35% of carbon. Lignite is very crumbly and has…

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