Energy Resource: Petroleum and Wind Energy Essay example

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Have you ever wondered how Petroleum and Wind Energy is used? Well they use it for many different things. I’m trying to understand why Petroleum is being used way too much and why Wind Energy might help us use different types of alternative energy.
Petroleum is a thick mixture of gases, liquid, and solids that are below the Earth’s surface. (American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 2008-2012) Petroleum Jelly is another form of petroleum that is used in ointments and lotions ( Helmenstine, Ph.D., 2013) Petroleum in its natural for is called Crude Oil (N/A, 2013) Petroleum is a nonrenewable resource and takes more time to make petroleum than we use it (The Need, 2001)
We Drill wells into the earth’s surface to pump out petroleum. After we drill the oil it is sent to refineries. Then mostly it’s made into gasoline. After it is made into gasoline it is moved through pipelines, trucks, and ships. (The Need, 2001)
It’s becoming more expensive with the cost of lifting and finding cost. Lifting costs are the costs to operate and maintain the oil. Finding costs are the costs of exploring for and developing reserves of oil and gas. EIA collects data related to these costs from the largest U.S. oil and gas producers in its Financial Reporting System. (U.S department, 2012)
We need it for many human needs. (Mike Martinez, 2002) Crude oil is used in three ways: Transportation, Electricity Generation, and Material Production. (Mike Martinez, 2002) We use it to fill our gas tanks…

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