Energy Resource: Petroleum and Wind Energy Essay example

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Have you ever wondered how Petroleum and Wind Energy is used? Well they use it for many different things. I’m trying to understand why Petroleum is being used way too much and why Wind Energy might help us use different types of alternative energy.
Petroleum is a thick mixture of gases, liquid, and solids that are below the Earth’s surface. (American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 2008-2012) Petroleum Jelly is another form of petroleum that is used in ointments and lotions ( Helmenstine, Ph.D., 2013) Petroleum in its natural for is called Crude Oil (N/A, 2013) Petroleum is a nonrenewable resource and takes more time to make petroleum than we use it (The Need, 2001) We Drill wells into the earth’s surface to pump out petroleum. …show more content…

(N/A, 2008) The Conversion process converts crude oil into finished products such as gasoline. (N/A, 2008) Then it blends different chemicals to make gasoline. (N/A, 2008)
Gasoline averages about $3.70 per gallon or higher, depending on the region. Obama backed down on drilling during his campaign when it goes threatened by the GOP. Since the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico you have to get new offshore drilling permits. Democrats say that they’re concerned citizens with lower incomes would feel the burden of higher gas and food prices. (Berman, 2011)
Since 1970, geologists, economists and industry analysts have been wondering just how long worldwide supplies will keep up with growing demand. They say that they estimated that we have about 2 trillion barrels left. Since 1998, the price of a barrel of oil had fallen to $12. The global demand for oil is currently at more than 80 million barrels per day. (, 2013)

Wind Energy

We use wind turbine so we can use the wind's energy to generate electricity. At 100 feet aboveground, they can take advantage of the faster and less turbulent wind. Farmers and ranchers in windy areas can also use wind turbines as a way to cut their electric bills. Small wind systems also have potential as distributed energy

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