Energy Resources And Nonrenewable Resources

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Despite only being around for around two hundred thousand years, humanity has accomplished many great tasks. Humans have been able to conquer most of the land on Earth. They have been able to find ways to travel across huge landscapes in a matter of hours. They have developed ways to grow and harvest their own food through agriculture. Humans even were able to send people into space. Despite these accomplishments, they have all come at a great cost. Humans had to deforest many areas in order to be able to live in those places. Almost all of the modern transportation relies on the nonrenewable resource that is fossil fuels. As the population has grown, bigger farms were made that consume loads of water. Due to these costs, the greatest threat to human sustainability is our reliance on nonrenewable energy and resources. In order to shift from this path, humanity must continue to move away from nonrenewable energy and develop renewable energy, and convince businesses that this path is profitable. In the current system, the greatest threat to the survival of humanity is the over reliance on nonrenewable energy resources. What generally comes to mind with nonrenewable resources is fossil fuels, however trees and water can also be applied in this situation. When the topic is about deforestation, some would argue that trees can grow back making them a renewable resource. However, at the rate people are cutting them, the trees do not have enough time to grow back. Sometimes trees
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