Energy Runs Our Lives

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On a close scrutiny of our immediate surroundings we find that it is only energy that is kindling most of the devices around us. Be it the light that illuminates things around us, the air conditioners and television sets that have made our life relaxing or the vehicles that ply the road, we find that energy is fundamental to the quality of our lives. In fact, energy has become so ubiquitous that it underpins every facet of our existence.
The Rio Summit of 1992 put Sustainable Development on the global agenda. Sustainable development is development which meets the demands of the present generation without compromising on the ability of the future generations to meet their needs. Correspondingly, energy can be called sustainable if it wields minimal burden on earth’s finite resources while also necessarily conserving our planet’s land, water and air from degradation. Thus sustainable energy is like a double edged sword which can solve the current energy crisis and also combat climate change and pollution. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since that milestone conference, but we are still far away from realizing the dream of sustainable development for all, which is clear from the following numbers.
The world annual crude oil production in 2010 was 4011 million tonnes.
The coal produced in the corresponding period was 7783 million tonnes.
And 21,431 trillion watt hours of electricity were generated in the same year . . . .
The carbon dioxide emissions by fuel
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