Energy Sector Of Sri Lanka

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1.0 Introduction
Energy is one of the major inputs of an economy. It directly affects development of human beings and society. Therefore, safeguarding a cheap and stable supply of energy is one of the main objectives of any country. However, increasing world population, high global energy consumption and depletion of global resources has challenged this objective resulting energy as one of the main concerns today’s world.
Accordingly, this report focuses on analysing various issues faced by different governments related to energy and the strategies they have implemented to minimse them.
2.0 Issues related to Energy and Strategies using to Deal with them
2.1 Case 01- Energy Sector of Sri Lanka
The issues face by Sri Lanka’s energy sector
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Accordingly, the government has decided to expand its existing energy mix to coal and non- conventional renewable energy (NRE) such as dendro power, biogas and waste, solar power and wind power. This expansion plan is considered as Long Term Generation Expansion Plan (LTGEP) and it is their plan to keep remain it in force until 80% of Sri Lanka’s electrical energy supplied to the national grid is from non-oil based fuels. In Addition to that, Sri Lanka has started exploration of oil and gas in Gulf of Mannar Basin as another strategy of fuel diversification. However, it is in its initial stage yet and it will take long time to see a result (Ministry of Power & Energy, 2008).
Another main issue faced by Sri Lanka’s energy sector is inefficiency of supply and consumption of energy. When supplying energy, transmission and distribution energy losses in the electricity sector has been brought down to 13.5% of net generation by end 2009. Therefore, the actions have been taken to accelerate investments and management efforts to reduce technical and non-technical losses. To uplift the energy efficiency of demand side, Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority has introduced mandatory labelling system for appliances and Energy efficient building code for building design and construction sector (Ministry of Power & Energy, 2008).
2.2 Case 02- Energy Sector of UK
The UK is no more a self-sufficient country from the perspective
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