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Energy sector is one of the most important sectors for the current economy. Nowadays, the access to energy is a key point for the development and welfare of a country. With that purpose, all the countries try to push forward their energy sectors, aiming to have enough resources to sustain their growing perspectives.

Within the energy sectors, the electricity sector is considered a strategic one, considering the increase of electricity demand occurred during the last 15 years all over the world, and especially in Europe and United States. For that reason, in order to assure the efficiency and rationality of this essential sector, some adjustments have been made in it legal and political frame.

In 1996, the
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Introduction of the electricity sector in Spain:

To liberalize a series of activities of the energy sector and to open this sector to the competition begin with the approval, in the scope of the European Union, of the Directive for the establishment of the Inner Market of the Electricity (96/92/CE). This Directive has been transposed to the regulation in Spain of the Law of the Electrical Sector of November, 1997.

To open the market and the introduction of the competition has as a main objective, the continuity of the supplying and its quality as well as the smaller possible cost.

The National Commission of Energy was created as a controller entity of the energy systems and to look after by the competition between the different energy systems.

The new regulating frame suppresses the consideration of the public service for the electricity although the electrical energy happens to consider itself like indispensable for the operation of the society.

In the following Chart N° 6, we show the evolution of the liberalization of the electricity sector, with the percentage of market that supposed.

Chart N° 6


During 2006, production and electrical power consumption in Spain has been characterized by:

• Increase of the consumption in 2,7% reaching 267, 668 million KWH. From 1997 the consumption has been increased in 65%.

• The electrical consuming major was the industrial sector, with 36.8% of the total,
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