Energy Security in Northeast Asian Countries

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Energy Security Abstract In this paper, I have discussed the ways by which the Northeast Asian countries i.e. China, Japan and Korea must cooperate for their "Energy Security". I have given a background of the energy problems these countries are facing and also the possible solutions to avoid any energy crisis in the future. Introduction Nowadays, energy security has turned out to be a very important area under discussions regarding foreign policy ("Energy Security: Advancements in Cooperation in the East Asian Region", 2011). The reliance on foreign energy turns into a compulsion with the globalization of the trade and industry of any country that does not possess adequate resources for its engine to continue working. However, such sort of energy-reliance shall be a combination of the "energy aid" from affluent countries and the domestic industrial sector and consumer demands. For that reason, this modus operandi has set a number of countries in motion in order to search for the different energy suppliers beyond their areas (Barbieri). The same is the matter with the Northeast Asian countries, particularly China, Japan and South Korea. The mentioned countries have been persistently endeavoring to gain financial escalation via their manufacturing sectors, which can be said to be those industries that demand most energy. Despite the fact that these Northeast Asian countries have developed knowledge-based industries as well, yet for the most part they depend on
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