Energy Set John N. Roberts IIi

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Energy set John N. Roberts III apart from each speaker we have previously experienced. Chancellor Steinmetz and Greg Brown both possessed a charisma about them, but Roberts had something more. It became apparent the minute he walked in the room from the amount of swagger remaining in his steps at 6 p.m. on a Tuesday night. Something was off about how comfortable he appeared to be in business casual. John Roberts clearly enjoys his work if he’s willing to do it and talk about it in the same day.
Each leadership session we have could be cut in half. The individual could come in, share their nuggets of wisdom, answer a few questions, and then leave. Instead, each nugget of wisdom is placed within layers of life experiences. Roberts didn’t shy away from explaining the unconventional beginnings of his career. He explained how GPA, and other common metrics used for evaluating people can be misleading. “I was on an upward trend,” he argued back to the recruiter. This drive and confidence put him in the fast lane for his career. He initially sounded just as unconventional when he shared, “Disruption is the center, and you are going to disrupt or be disrupted.” This seemingly contrarian piece of advice has followed him his entire life, even into our lecture room in the book he was reading. He continued on to break many long held stereotypes of a leader. “I don’t feel like people work for me, I believe in the idea,” said Roberts. This leadership style embodies the “I to We” leadership…
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