Energy Sources And Non Renewable Energy Source

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Intended Audience
Within this paper I wish to address two audiences, the first is best described as local homeowners who are presently in the vicinity of windmills or who will be in the future, and are somewhat skeptical of this renewable energy source. The second group that I wish to address are those who are deemed to be environmentalists, who have a very strong faith in wind energy and other forms of renewables. Since these two audiences can be quite different the way in which I address concerns are going to have to be comprehensive to both.
With focusing first on locals, I wish to include the basic information on wind turbines so that all aspects of this renewable energy source can be fully understood. I also will include a comparison of wind energy to other forms of renewable energy sources and non-renewable sources to point out important numbers and values within the environment, the economy, and society. Locals have many important needs, wants and values. They value their homes not only financially but in a family sense as well, they value their health and safety. The want windmills to not have a negative effect on their lives and at the same time have an efficient, inexpensive forms of energy that they can have access to. When it comes to a problem having either a direct effect on themselves or the environment, most but not all, would rather the environment take the hit. Their interest most likely does not lie within big companies making big profits, they value…
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