Energy Sources Of The Electric Company

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There are many different energy sources that I utilize and rely upon daily. Without these energy sources I would not be able to heat my house, cook food, store food, drive, or have hot water. Growing up in the United States I was raised in a country where we are all accustomed to having these luxuries in our daily life without realizing that they are a luxury. Every day I use more than a few energy sources; some of these energy sources are petroleum, gasoline, and electrical energy.
Living on Long Island, NY, I do not have many options when it comes to my electrical energy. The electric company that serves 1.1 million people in Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens generates their energy from multiple sources. PSEG has four main subsidiaries, PSEG Fossil, PSEG Nuclear, PSEG Energy Resources & Trade, and PSEG Power Ventures (PSEG, 2015). Although they do not specify which type of power generation is used in my area, based off of the locations of the different subsidiaries, PSEG Fossil, is most likely responsible for generating power for my area. PSEG Fossil uses many different methods including natural gas, coal, and oil-fired generating stations to produce electrical energy (PSEG, 2015). Using different methods of generating electrical energy such as solar power or hydro power would make electrical energy a renewable resource, however, since the energy I am using is being generated using non-renewable resources than the electrical energy generated from it would be…

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