Energy Sustainability : Nuclear Energy

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Energy sustainability Nuclear energy Nuclear energy is released through nuclear fission. Nuclear fission is when an atom splits and releases neutrons after absorbing a neutron. All nuclear power is generated from Uranium, which is a pure metal. Nuclear fission expained When atoms split, energy is released and then converted to a more easier form to use. Uranium-235, an isotope of Uranium (same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons, meaning they have varying masses), is most commonly used in this proccess, because it requires less energy to split then other isotopes like Uranium-238. Basically, inside a nuclear reactor, free neutrons collide with the Uranium atoms. Uranium-235 is the minority as it only makes up 0.7% of…show more content…
2. Water and Carbon dioxide is passed through to take away the heat. 3. The water is heated. 4. The heated water releases steam instead of boiling due to the pressurised water reactors. 5. The steam turns turbines. 6. The turbines turn the generators which produce electric power. (Please see to hydroelectric power on how the generators work. It 's basically the smae concept, but powered by moving water instead of moving steam. Drawbacks of Nuclear energy - Uranium, the source of Nuclear power isn 't renenwable - Radioactive waste, like the spent uranium rods take thousands of years to lose their radiation and decompose - The water used in cooling and producing steam usually comes from lakes and reservoirs which have marine life - If not handeled porperly, leaks can lead to devastating health effects like disfiguration, nausea, vomit, diarrhoea and fatigue Advantages of Nuclear energy - No greenhouse gas emissions - Cost effective - Not dependent on the weather Overall summary As Uranium isn 't a renewable source of energy, it 'll eventually run out. We can 't prevent that, but we can still use it as it 's the most environmentally safe option. All forms of alternative energy have their own drawbacks, and considering this source 's drawback is it 's finite supply, it 's the least lacking source. At the very least, we should use it to it 's utmost potential while in the stages of establishing other alternative energy stations and
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