Energy Systems Essay

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During exercise the body uses up large amounts of energy in three different ways. The ATP/CP system, anaerobic system and the Aerobic system all combine during periods of exercise to allow our bodies to continue exercise or playing sport. Most sports have a major system which takes up the bulk of the energy production during the activity and the timing in switching from one to another. This plays a major role in success in the playing arena. In a sport such as Australian Rules football it is important that the systems can switch back and forth between one another. Whilst in marathon running or 100m sprinting one system provides the bulk of energy production. This is why training energy systems to function at an optimal level is so…show more content…
Some examples of continuous training are swimming, cycling, rowing, jogging and running. Obviously the best way for a marathon runner to train their aerobic system is to jog and run because not only does it train the energy system it is the type of event they will be competing so it would be possible to concentrate on other components in the sport whilst training. A good example would be running style or technique, if a change in technique has been made by coach, the athlete would be able to become more accustomed to it whilst training the aerobic energy system. To continue training and still improve the athlete must continue to increase work load and under go a progressive overload. This stops the body allows the body to keep improving at a consistent level. For the marathon runner, timing practice runs is a good place to start. Once the athlete begins to finish the runs in faster times, it is time to increase distance or decrease target time to keep the body improving. To build muscular endurance weights are an excellent training method. The best weights session for muscular endurance is one where the athlete is lifting 40-60% of maximum weight, with 25-40 reps and 2-5 sets. This will increase your muscle endurance which will help improve overall running times. Another very popular sport in Australia is Australian Rules football (AFL). The game requires you to not only have very good skills but at elite levels have a high level

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