Energy Vehicles And Electric Vehicles

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Consumers are constantly surrounded by advertisements and these advertisements play a significant role in affecting people’s daily decision-making. Automobiles continue to be one of the fastest growing industries, especially in the United States; therefore, advertisements are crucial and are constantly changing to meet the requirements and needs of the consumers. In order to target the desired consumers and market effectively, the advertising techniques need to be different from traditional gasoline vehicles because the consumers must be able to compare the types of vehicles out in the market and find the type that best suits their demand. In this case, consumers are contemplating between traditional gasoline vehicles and electric vehicles (EV). There are three ways of advertising that carefully examine how each type of vehicle can satisfy the specific demands of their potential customers; therefore, automobile companies must compete endlessly to come up with advertisements that target consumers right at the heart focusing on manufactures’ ethics, consumers’ psychology, and trends. Electric vehicles’ advertisements target consumers’ demands by including some of the advantages of EV in the advertisements. These advantages include wordings like zero emission and driving the future. The specific wordings are able to imprint positive qualities of EV into consumers’ minds. It puts EV in a better position than traditional vehicles as it takes advantages by using words that
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