Energy: What is Micro Hydro Power

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Micro hydro power is a concept that has over the years been adopted as an alternative energy supply for communities whose access to a national grid is limited by a factor or two. In fact, hydro power is one of the oldest sources of energy used by the human civilization. It has been used for hundreds of years to turn waterwheels for the purpose of sawing logs, grinding grains, and the manufacture of cloths. From the last century, large scale hydro power plants have been used mainly for the generation electricity. However, with the recent developments in environmental consciousness, especially with respect to global warming, there has been a notable shift to alternative renewable energy sources, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also economically feasible. This includes energy sources like solar and wind energy, which have so far been proven to be economically viable and have so far been tried for large scale application.
Tracing the current trend in energy development is somehow a challenge without taking into consideration the geographical implications of climate change. With the ambition to come up with a sustainable energy solution, companies and nations have over the recent past been focussing on the horizontal capacity in addition to the conventional energy sources. However, the dependence on conventional energy sources such as coal, natural gas, and oil has always proven to be a challenge considering the increased levels of energy consumptions and the
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