Energy in the World Around Us Essay

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Energy in the World Around Us How can we make energy more affordable and better for the environment? Once our fossil fuels run out, we cannot just go out and make more. The fossil fuels that we use today, took millions of years to create. So what happens when we run out? We will have to look to other sources of energy to serve the growing population.
There are many sources of energy in the world that are renewable sources and will always be there. The main sources are wind, the sun, the moon and stars, and water. These are all reliable sources of energy that we will be able to access very easily in the many years that we will have to face. Also with new emerging technologies, we will be able to collect this energy and store it
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The energy that the moon provides is still useful and should be taken advantage of. When we see the moon every night, do we think about the possible uses that we could have for it; the possible energy that we could use from it? Water is the most abundant resource on earth. Water power, or hydro-power, is the most used source of renewable energy. More than half of the earth is covered with water. In the early 1900s, the settlers made the water wheel to power the first mills, grinding wheat, or for other agriculture uses. We still use water power today but not many people realize how powerful the water is; water can break mountains, can kill thousands of people in just one wave, and can destroy anything in its path. Another possible source of energy, though not proven, is hydrogen power. Hydrogen can produce a great amount of energy with almost no pollution. Fuel cells are able to combine hydrogen with oxygen, producing energy which possibly could be used to power cars, buildings, and other devices. Hydrogen fuel cells are a promising technology for the years to come. Over the course of a couple years, our fossil fuels may be all gone, so we must prepare for that with other sources of renewable energy, energy that we can reuse many times over. The main sources that we have as of today are solar power, wind power, lunar power, and water power. Hydrogen is another source that can be very promising and helpful to the growing need of energy in our
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