Energy in the World Around Us Essay

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Energy in the World Around Us
How can we make energy more affordable and better for the environment? Once our fossil fuels run out, we cannot just go out and make more. The fossil fuels that we use today, took millions of years to create. So what happens when we run out? We will have to look to other sources of energy to serve the growing population.
There are many sources of energy in the world that are renewable sources and will always be there. The main sources are wind, the sun, the moon and stars, and water. These are all reliable sources of energy that we will be able to access very easily in the many years that we will have to face. Also with new emerging technologies, we will be able to collect this energy and store it for future needs.
The power of the sun, the wind, the moon and stars, and the water are all sources of energy that do not contribute to the carbon dioxide emission but harnessing this energy depends on how effective the energy is and the cost of it.
Wind power is a very useful tool. Wind energy has only been utilized in the past recent years and is a good source of energy that will be used much more in the future. The costs for building a structure for wind energy have gone down with more production and have now stabilized. Wind turbines consist of a high steel tower to mount the generator nacelle and the rotors to produce the energy. The generator nacelle contains all of the technical parts of the wind turbine such as the generator,…